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Category:Business: Financial Services is a platform that provides financial services to individual and business clients in 30 European countries. One of the services available on the website is also accessible for customers in the USA.

The financial platform offers European customers online currency exchange, money orders, payments and access to Forex trading. Mobile apps have been designed to support these services and are available for the most popular operating systems.

The companies that provide the services found at belong to the Conotoxia Holding Group. They are subject to national financial supervision, guarantee the security of transactions and ensure the high quality of services. customers in Europe and the USA can order money transfers with a choice of 24 currencies. They also have the option of sending money from their bank account or from their foreign currency wallet, which they can top up after registering with the service for free.

Customers can find a payment solution for online shops. ConotoxiaPay allows you to easily avoid the high costs associated with currency conversion. also gives the possibility of using three models of online currency exchange, setting up standing orders for the exchange of a specific amount on a specified date and currency alerts for anticipated exchange rates. The platform handles 24 currencies.
Meta Description:Financial service with international money transfers online, payments in foreign currencies, currency exchange, access to Forex. Services of Conotoxia are available for European and US customers.
Address:401 North Michigan Avenue
Postal Code:60611
Phone Number:+1 312 465 12 57
Country:United States
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