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London Armed Close Protection Services - Executive Bodyguard - Executive Close Protection

At Spetsnaz Security International the safety and comfort of our clients is our top priority. If you're looking for professionally trained and seasoned bodyguards that will not only make your safety a top priority but your comfort too, consider reaching out to Spetsnaz Security International for your VIP protection needs in London.

The professionals who make up our team consist of former military, state and federal law enforcement operatives who possess the tactical training, situational awareness, and the threat neutralization experience to keep our clients, their families, and their clients safe.

Spetsnaz Security International provides personal protection bodyguard services to CEOs, executives, celebrities, international dignitaries, high net worth individuals and their families.

At Spetsnaz Security International, we train our bodyguards to be ready for anything and to approach every assignment with the highest regard for professionalism, detail, and discretion.

Spetsnaz Security International is an executive protection company with services ready in London including: East London, West London, North London, South London. SSI also provides close protection services nationwide including : Greater Manchester, Leeds, Swansea, Sheffield, Birmingham, and Devon-Cornwall.

Many of our personal security team members are former special forces or military members that have been specially trained to provide you with the security services that you want and need. This background provides them with the unrivaled knowledge and experience to deal with any executive protection situation they are assigned to.

Spetsnaz Security International executive protection agents work diligently to help keep any at-risk person out of harm’s way. Trained in all types of pro-active protection procedures, our security staff can recognize, evaluate and neutralize potential threats before they become serious problems. Discretion, professionalism, conflict resolution and above all level-headed judgment help to distinguish our security team from other security agencies in the area.

When choosing from the available executive protection companies, wouldn’t it be nice to know you are going to have professionally trained individuals looking out for your security and well-being? That is exactly what Spetsnaz Security International has to offer. Our security specialists will focus on preventing a situation from escalating. If the situation escalates to a level where there isn’t any other choice than to use force to protect lives, our guards know how to react and only use force when absolutely necessary.

Our security guards provide close protection and advise clients of any potential security threats present. We are licensed within the area and have the proper training and certifications to provide the level of protection necessary in these situations. Also, most security personnel at Spetsnaz Security International has several years of operational experience in other, similar assignments.

If you don’t want a security guard shadowing your every move, we offer protective surveillance services. This is a more low-profile technique used for providing protection to clients who want to keep their privacy while having peace of mind that there is a responsive and capable security team nearby if a situation were to arise.

Our company is licensed, insured and offers affordable rates to ensure you have the protection you deserve. Don’t trust a sub-par service provider with your protection and well-being. Each of our security professionals has the experience, training, and ability to protect you at every turn, regardless of what or how serious the threat against you may be.

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Spetsnaz Security International

Close Protection Bodyguard Services in London, UK And International.
Spetsnaz Security International offers trusted, highly efficient, licensed and insured private investigation services in London, throughout the UK and International at short notice 24/7, 7 days a week. We are a team of British private investigators with one mission: provide you with answers and the evidence you need to make informed decisions. We uncover facts and gather information in a professional manner in order to help you defend your rights. At UK Private Detectives, we are dedicated to discovering the truth, clearing any doubts you may have and finding solutions to your problems. Our office is located in London but our team of professional investigators conducts surveillance, undercover work, and all types of investigation across the whole British territory and international. At UK Private Investigators we are the only Multilingual-speaking British private investigators you need to help solve your problems. We strive to meet your expectations and find the answers that will help you move on. Whether you want to locate a long lost loved one, run a background check on a future employee, tail your spouse on vacation in London or uncover someone’s hidden assets, we will take the time to understand your case and build a strategy together.

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Total K9

Deter intruders and unwanted visitors by buying a guard dog from Total K9. Most times, a professionally trained protection dog such as the ones provided by Total K9 are more effective than a state of the art surveillance equipment and alarms. A good dog that was trained by experts will quickly identify and deter any potential intruders. Contact Total K9 to see what options they have for you and don’t hesitate to get the guard dog they recommend for your needs.

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Cobra Canine Police Dogs

Cobra Canine is a top respected canine training organization based in Loudon, TN with locations in CA and VA.

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This sites objective is to provide a roadmap to help your government agency or corporation navigate the security provider selection process.

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